Sunday, June 01, 2008

Back to Africa!

So.. In two weeks, I'll be back in Africa! I'm going on a medical trip to Morocco with my bro and sis. It will be so good to have an experience like this with them. It's with MCO (Medical Campus Outreach) at Amanda's church in South Carolina where she's studying medicine. She went with them last year to Romania and this year she asked if siblings could go and they agreed to let us come! So basically Stephen and I are just tagging along, but I think with my EMT skills I'll be able to help in the clinic with something and I'm pretty sure Stephen will be able to help with something as well... It's not like the group will be doing surgery or anything. It's important that women go on the trip because it's a very conservative part of Morocco and the men there won't let women go to male doctors, especially gynecologists. So to have women to work with women, men with men... K so now is where I tell you what exactly we'll be doing there, and it's so exciting. The first week is purely clinical. Check-ups etc. (Whatever else we can do). The next week we are painting the inside of a school and...... herding and vacinating sheep. haha No joke. It'll help the people in the long run... Vaccinated sheep are of course healthier but they also help sheep reproduce better. Who knew. More sheepies= better economy. Yay. So in a few years when Morocco is the wool capitol of the world and it's economy is booming know that it was due to my sheep vaccinating skills. Oh yeah. Never done it before but I'm sure I'll be a pro. Heck, I'm a Shepherd. ha.ha.ha... Ok so I'll be there for two weeks then after that I'll be in Madrid for 3 days touring and then back to AZ to chill/work for a month before school starts. I hope to update this blog at least everyother day... The village we're going to, which I don't even know where it is.. I think it's kinda dangerous... So I can't tell anyone or even know myself untill I get there.... but it has an internet cafe. I'm thinking about dreading my hair for the trip... we shall see. I'm in a wedding the day before I leave so maybe that's not such a good idea.. Maybe I'll shave my head instead. Or maybe I'll just live with it like it is.
I'll update again the day before I leave.