Monday, May 17, 2010


My weaknesses are at the forefront of my mind these days, as I struggle with certain dyslexic tendencies coming back and my eyes giving me trouble and my complaining about not having been gifted with one thing or another that I see as greater gifts than the ones God gave me.

I think that our view of heaven is not really what it's going to be like. Not that we wont enjoy it, but what will change is not reality so much as our perspective of it.

Is down-syndrome really a disease of the person who is down-syndrome, or is the disease our perspective of it?

Is dyslexia or the inability to memorize numbers a weakness or is our perspective that knowing how to read perfectly and knowing a bunch of numbers is super important the weakness?

Is bringing heaven to earth taking away the "bad" of the earth, all the poverty and every uneducated person and replacing it with socially acceptable things, or is it being poor with the poor and not caring about having things anyways, and knowing that while education is cool, what do we really need to know but Jesus?

Really? Sometimes I think that when heaven happens God will be doing more healing and redeeming of our minds than healing and redeeming the earth.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Job, yay!

I've been blessed to get a job for the summer as an Administrative Assistant at a real estate agency in Scottsdale. I'm into my second week and I like it a lot so far. Steep learning curve for sure, but I'm enjoying the challenge.
But now the workday is over and my room is a mess, my paint pallet has been clean for too long, my running shoes are calling, and I'm struggling against the fatigue that comes from a 9-5 schedule. Actually I'm not fighting against it at all, I'm lazily sprawled out on my bed, surfing the internet, reading news, and trying to find any reason to not move my bottom.

It's the 9-5 syndrome that keeps people's lives dull and TVs on from 6-9.
I don't know how to fight it really, or how to have a balanced life that allows relaxing activities but that aren't mindless. But when your mind is zooming for 8 hours, you really don't want to use it anymore for the rest of the day. No good man.

That's why I'm going to allow myself an hour of either sleep or mindless blabla after work, but after that it's a run, a clean up, and painting. Those things or healthy socialization. So I'll use that mindless hour well and be as super mindless as I can, googling absolutely random things or just staring out the window glazily, enjoying no-brain time, and then it's move it.
Because what's worse then going to bed knowing you did nothing productive beside what happened at work that day, and then when you wake up it's back to the desk?

We have more strength than we think. It's our minds that suck us into unproductivity.
Fight those bum thoughts, Jul!

:) My, I feel motivated already.